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BUOY is a framework-driven education agency that provides and guides personalized & integrated action plans that prioritize efficiency, diversity, student agency, and community needs.

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To grow, you have to know where you want to go,
and we can help you get there.

Our goal is to help your team navigate the currents of education by successfully partnering with schools, districts, and organizations starting with strategic counsel and discovering the next steps together.

We commit to assisting you in high-impact, education-forward areas.

  • Discovery Sessions
  • Goal Setting
  • Blueprints
  • Social-Emotional Competencies of team dynamics
  • K-12 Market Analysis
  • Sales
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Start-Up
  • Implementation
  • Online Courses
  • Professional Learning
  • Website Development 
  • Social Media Design and Planning
  • Personalized Roadmaps

BUOY Consultants partner with leaders to build internal capacity and increase collaboration between stakeholders.

BUOY Consultants assist with initiative management from research to investigation to strategic implementation.

Design thinking is at the core of BUOY partnerships. 

BUOY Consultants offer strategic diagnostics for partners to explore and plan for stakeholder buy-in.

We help you identify challenges, opportunities, and ways to scale and support your team.

BUOY Consultants prioritize the right people at the right time for each project and initiative we engage.

Team building, social-emotional competence, and shared vision help the best teams get better. 

BUOY Consultants take the time to discover partner needs.

We offer comprehensive, custom Diagnostic Toolkits to activate your team and measure growth along the way.

BUOY Consultants offer a comprehensive Design Thinking approach to problem-solving in order to help your team develop solutions, processes, and strategies.

BUOY Consultants legitimize action with research and investigation.

From case studies, interviews, surveys, and beyond, we believe that you can best serve a community that you understand. 

BUOY Consultants work alongside partners to help develop a personalized roadmap for implementation.

We take the vision to the how by empowering you to design and deliver an actionable plan.

Trusted to Partner & Deliver

Cate and Jen in Action
We wanted support with launching our enterprise edition, and Buoy Consultants gave us the in-person strategic support we needed.
Jim Hurley
CEO/Founder of Lesson Planet
In the 35 years that I have been working in the EdTech community publishing magazines, producing conferences/trade shows, working with educators and technology companies, I have had the opportunity to work with many passionate and talented individuals. Their skills sets come in a variety of areas but there are few that encompass the breadth and scope that I have experienced first hand in my work with Buoy Consultants.
Tahoe Strategies
Wendy LaDuke
Founder - Tahoe Strategies (Former Publisher eSchool Media & 1105 Media Group)

Jen Gibson and Cate Tolnai

Cate and Jen

5662 Calle Real #205

Goleta, CA 93117